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  • Rustic festival Holasovice 2000
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      22nd + 23rd July 2000, 8-18 hod.

      Old Czech fair, exhibits of traditional and non-traditional crafts from whole Czechia, childrens' and adults' folklore ensembles, stalls with interesting goods.
      Piper music, brass band, folk and country, singers and bands.
      Sausages, fish specialities, gingerbread, sweets, marchpane, pretzels, lot of other Czech specialities.
      Beer, wine, mead, tea from all parts of the world, potions, and lot of other heartwarming and healing drinks.

    How can you get here?
      Bus connection: 3× daily to České Budějovice
    Road connection: From the road No. 20 on the way from České Budějovice to Písek behind village Dasný turn left, then through villages Čejkovice, Křenovice, Čakov a Jankov to Holašovice.
    You can get a printable page with two detailed maps.

    Contact to the organizer:
      Municipal office Jankov
    Mr. Bürger
    tel.: +420 (38) 7982133

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